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A chronicle of Mustard Seed’s reconstruction of the eighteenth-century timber-frame roof at Montpelier, home of U.S. President James Madison. Traditional Building Magazine, June 2006

Cross Section: James Madison’s Home is Almost Finished – Again
A news update about Montpelier going into the final phase of restoration. Fine Homebuilding #192, Jan. 2008

Modern Techniques Restore A Historic House
Mustard Seed restores the window embrasures in Dolly Madison’s bedroom. Fine Homebuilding #192, Jan. 2008

In Search of the Perfect Screened Porch
A survey of five contemporary screened porches, including one built by Scott using tropical hardwoods. Fine Homebuilding #170, May 2005

Cool Offices - An Architect’s Theatrical Aerie
About a defunct movie house that we converted to an architect’s studio. Westchester Magazine, Oct. 2006

Victorian Modern
A house we built from the ground up, combining energy efficiency with traditional design sense. Fine Homebuilding #31, Feb. 1986

Framing a Cross-Gable Roof
An addition we built with Gothic-Revival details to match an existing home. Fine Homebuilding #76, Sep. 1992

Making French Doors
Our methods for creating historic French doors with energy-efficient glazing. Fine Homebuilding #106, Jan. 1997

A Builder’s Screen Porch
A hands-on look at the screen porch Scott built for his own house. Fine Homebuilding #86, March 1994

Singular Details
Rebuilding the fanciful porch cornice of a nineteenth-century octagon house. Fine Homebuilding #53, April 1989

A New Kitchen from Old Chestnut
How we recycled old chestnut roof boards into an “antique” kitchen with Eastlake details. Fine Homebuilding #167, Winter 2004

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