Shepherd's barn The sheep don’t actually live here – except when they’re lambing (having babies). The rest of the time this barn contains equipment downstairs and hay upstairs. Oh, and two calico cats hired as exterminators.
An open well in the floor of the hayloft makes it easy to drop bales down through the hayloft floor. A cupola with a thermostatically-controlled exhaust fan keeps the upstairs cool in summer. A self-starting propane generator provides electricity.


Tractor barnThis client loves to bush-hog and chainsaw on the weekends. All the pent-up frustration of a week’s-worth of staff meetings can be joyfully unleashed on the nearest patch of Virginia Creeper, while inflicting minimal collateral damage. So after completing an ambitious program of garden structures for the Mrs., there was really only one thing the Mr. wanted: a dry, safe place to keep his New Holland tractor and his Stihl “Farm Boss”. Why is it that the best things in life always come last?

Gable closeup The lines of this double lean-to barn are a regional favorite. The roughsawn board & batten siding and red standing seam roof are also familiar. The lean-to area on one side is used here as a workshop, and on the other side there’s an open shed for the riding mower. An attic over the central bay provides additional storage. We extended the concrete floor beyond the big sliding doors to make a nice basketball court, and we gussied-up the front gable with a clapboard sunburst. What’s that at the center of the sunburst? An iron tractor seat, of course.

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